Writer's Block: Year of the Ox

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Ox starts today. What is your Chinese zodiac animal? Do you think you fit the description of the sign?
I was born in the year of the Dragon and more specifically, a Wood Dragon.  The general description fits me to a tee and it helps that I am a Scorpio to boot.  I'm not so sure about the Wood Dragon description, I feel I am more of a Fire Dragon since my temper has gotten me into more trouble than I can count.  I find it odd how on target some of these descriptions are.

Writer's Block: Honey Bear

Happy birthday, A. A. Milne! Not coincidentally, it's also Winnie the Pooh Day. Which resident of Pooh Corner do you identify with the most?
I think there's a little of all of them in me.  For a long time I was definitely an Eyeore kind of gal.  Winnie the Pooh is one of my all time favorite stories and characters.  Each and every character has a special quality that make them lovable and one one you can relate to.
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so today one of my second graders "graduated" from reading club.  i started working with her last year.  about half way through the year mom and dad put her on medication and what a turn around.  she was able to focus and concentrate.  her reading improved immensely.  she has worked so hard this year.  after i told her she didn't have to come anymore her demeanor changed.  she seemed sad and down.  she stayed through the whole lesson and did poorly on the spelling portion of the lesson.  i think it was on purpose in the hopes she would need to stay.  i walked with her back to class so the teacher would know she has graduated.  abby, went straight to her backpack with her certificate and trophy, not stopping to tell anyone.  one of the boys who had also graduated said "sweet" when he found out.  i was concerned about her and let the teacher know.  later in the day i walked into the room and abby came straight to me and gave me a big hug and said thank you.  this was so atypical abby that later i asked her teacher if she put her up to it.  she was just as surprised by abby's gesture as i was.  i will miss seeing her in my room every day but i am so happy for her.
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could it be that fall is actually coming or am i getting my hopes up?  saturday night was fun listening to the thunder and seeing the lightening flashes up at jess'.  nothing down here but i enjoyed it just the same.  sunday brought a welcome rain shower and colder weather.  though the rain didn't last as long as i would have hoped, i had fun sitting in the living room just listening to it.  the smell outside was wonderful as well, when all was said and done.  they claim it's going to rain for most of the day tomorrow.  i'm not holding my breath but it looks hopeful.  i have no problem voting in the rain.

speaking of the election, thank god it's over tomorrow!  i cannot stand one more phone call, one more commercial, or newspaper article.  i am over it.  two years is plenty!  i still wish i was excited about about the future president, but alas i am not.  i will vote so i can complain when they take office.  one day soon, i hope i can have that passion that some people seem to have.  am i dreaming?  only time will tell.


the chimney sweep should be here soon.  i will be able to have fires in the fireplace once again!  YAY!

edit:  he's 20 minutes late!  poor sweet pea has been locked in the garage since quarter til 8 :(  even worse, i have no idea which chimney sweep i called from the phone book so i can't call to find out where he is!  hello, dummy!

edit 2:  he arrived at 8:40 - no apology for being late - 40 minutes late!  even if he thought he was supposed to be here at 8:30 he was still 10 minutes late.  thankfully the chimney is getting cleaned out



Ok, we had an earthquake at 11:42am (almost 3 hours ago!)  there was only minor damage reported and the news has been on "breaking news" ever since it happened!  they are rehashing everything multiple times.  i am getting tired of hearing it (i know - turn off the tv).  it's frustrating - our stations seems to blow everything out of proportion!  we will scheduled to get 1/2 and inch of rain and we are on "storm watch".  just put on the regular programming please :)


so there was an earthquake about 30 minutes ago, centered in chino hills and measuring 5.8.  i have been in many an earthquake but never in my car.  i was stopped at a red light and the car started shaking.  it felt like someone was jumping or pushing up and down on my bumper.  i was slightly concerned and then started thinking that perhaps a manhole cover was going to blow and i was feeling the steam rise (i know, i know, crazy!)  then i looked around and saw that all the cars were shaking along with the street lights.  a very different experience in a car versus a building.  thank god there was no school today - we would have been out on the playground.  so far, all seems good in the damage area - stuff off shelves but nothing major.  perhaps i need to make an emergency kit to have "just in case"  they say the "bog one" could hit in the next 30 years :)


UCLA      13

usc            9

poor poor trojans will NOT be playing for the bcs championship thanks to the BRUINS!! 

could life be any sweeter right now?!?  i think not :)

sad, sad, sad

what the hell is wrong with the bruins?!?  they played such a wonderful game even though they lost last week in south bend.  this week they come HOME and get ripped to shreds!  i am terribly disappointed in them :(  they had better get their act together for their last few games!
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